GrownUpMoney icon largeGrownUpMoney helps you plan for tomorrow, today with jargon-free, impartial guides and product listings – created specifically with the information needs and interests of the over 50s in mind – to save you time and money.


We do this by covering key issues as they arise; everything from financial services and investments to health and lifestyle, and it’s easily accessible via our website and mobile apps.


GrownUpMoney works with a team of industry specialists, journalists and commentators who share their knowledge and undertake extensive product research and competitor analysis. We focus on products and services that become more relevant, more expensive or (rarely!) cheaper as we get older.


With expert coverage that uses straightforward language to explain often complex subjects, GrownUpMoney is an essential resource to keep you informed and help you on your research journey.

Why GrownUpMoney started:


We listened

With backgrounds in price comparison sites, insurance and online consumer publishing, the founders of GrownUpMoney recognised a demand from the UK public for a site that specialises in navigating the many products and services which are targeted at the over 50s online.


They also found that many over 50s felt that companies ignored them, or exploited them with unsuitable promises or products.

Harsh realities for the over 50s

For example, it’s a harsh reality that thousands of over 50s’ travel and life insurance applications are rejected due to age every year. It’s also a harsh reality that the UK government has felt it necessary to create a code demanding that insurance companies send people to an ‘alternative’ (and often expensive) provider when they reject customers due to age.


Another way

GrownUpMoney was created to stand up against such biases and injustices, in a grown-up world that is too often played back to us through the lens of youth.


GrownUpMoney stacks the deck back in favour of the over 50s, by bringing you information and tips to help you get fairer deals, without you having to jump through time-consuming hoops or compromise on quality.


Company Information

GrownUpMoney is wholly owned and operated by Emblem Media Ltd.

Founded: 2011

Address: 2nd Floor, 21-22 Great Castle Street, London W1G 0HZ

Registered: England and Wales, Company Number 07889982

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