Over 50s regret not taking enough holidays

Couple on holidays Over 90% of over 50s felt that they hadn’t spent enough time taking holidays in a recent poll of 2,107 remorseful Britons.  


This was the biggest area of regret confessed in the survey by sunshine.co.uk, even beating career choice and bad relationship choice into second and third places.   However, with the kids growing up or already having flown the nest, and retirement or more flexible working freeing up your time, there’s often opportunity to put this right.


Over 50s take more holidays, for less

Indeed, whilst some regret not spending enough time seeing the world, plenty of us are still managing to travel when we get the chance, whether on a 5 star trip or something more affordable.   A survey by Quidco also revealed that whilst some of us over 50 may be less flush with cash, we’re very adept at cleverly budgeting and finding special offers to make our travels easier on the wallet.


The survey found that two thirds of us are freeing up funds for holidays by streamlining our belongings and selling old or unwanted items, collectively making an extra £15.7m a year.


We’re also very good at finding lower cost breaks, often on the internet. We’re hunting down discounts online of up to 25% or vouchers offering anything up to £100 off, or even cashback offers of as much as 15%. Furthermore, by being prepared to travel out of season to visit new places, we’re travelling at a fraction of peak season prices, often for over 50% less.


It just goes to show that if we can stay fit and well enough to travel there’s usually a way of doing it!


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