Council tax rises announced for 2016

Council tax rises


Local councils are planning to raise council tax by up to 4% in 2016, which could mean many households have to pay an extra £50 per year on council tax. The amount and dates of the changes to council tax are yet to be confirmed, but some councils have revealed the changes they are planning:



  • Manchester City Council – £46.77 rise
  • Dudley – £44.72 rise
  • Essex County Council – £43.38 rise
  • Hartlepool Council – £55.12 rise
  • West Sussex – £45.90 rise

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Why are rates going up?

Many councils were previously restricted to raising council tax by only 2%, but were recently given powers to increase it by up to 4% to help meet budget shortfalls in the area of social care. Councils are reluctant to make the increases, aware of the additional financial burden this will place on households.