State Pension – Guide To The Basic State Pension

State Pension Overview

1 Basic State Pension Overview

This guide applies to you if you’re:

  • a man born before 6 April 1951
  • a woman born before 6 April 1953

If you were born on or after the dates above see the guide to claiming the New State Pension instead.

You reached State Pension age before 6 April 2018

The basic State Pension is a regular payment from the government that you can get if you reached State Pension age before 6 April 2018. To get it you must have paid or been credited with National Insurance contributions. The most you can currently get is £156.20 per week. You might also be eligible for Pension Tax Relief. The basic State Pension increases every year by whichever is the highest of the following:

  • earnings – the average percentage growth in wages (in Great Britain)
  • prices – the percentage growth in prices in the UK as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI)
  • 2.5%

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