Winter Fuel – Tips to Cut Heating Costs

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5  Winter Fuel – Cut your Energy Bills

Thousands of pensioners are paying more than they need to for their energy, and don’t realise how easy it is to save money by switching energy suppliers.

Switching energy supplier can put as much in your pocket every year as the Winter Fuel Payment.

Check our 4 need-to-knows so you can switch with confidence, at any time of year.

  • Your supply of gas and electricity will not be switched off at any time when you switch to a cheaper supplier. Your electricity and gas stay on all the time with no interruption of service.
  • After switching you get the same gas, same electricity, same safety. Only price and customer service change.
  • You can still switch if you have debt, as long as it is less than £500 per fuel.
  • You can still claim your Winter Fuel Payment as normal if you switch suppliers.

Keep warm for less – switch gas or electricity suppliers >

Five simple steps to switch energy supplier


Step 1

Get your latest energy bill (it’s fine if you don’t have it, but it’s useful)

Step 2

Visit an energy price comparison website like USwitch, and click compare energy prices now. It will ask for details such as your postcode, and what prices you want to compare (gas, electricity or both)

You’ll then be asked about your current supplier and tariff and a few other details. All the info you need is on your bill.

You can find your actual energy usage on your latest bill if you have it to hand. If you don’t have a bill it’s OK, they can still give you an estimate using different questions.

The whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

Step 3

The price comparison results will show you how much your annual bill could be with your new supplier, and the total amount you could save by switching.

If you’ve found a good deal that suits you, click apply now to complete your details.

Click here to compare gas and electricity prices >>

Step 4

Then your new energy provider will write to you automatically with your switching date. You’ll also be asked for a meter reading so your old provider can send you a final bill and your new provider knows when to charge from.

Step 5

Your part of the switch is now complete and your new and old energy companies will sort out the rest between them. The process should take just 17 days to complete, and your gas and electricity supply will stay connected all the time – there is no interruption in service. There will not be any visits to your home. There will not be any new pipes, digging nor drilling – everything is done in the background by the energy companies.

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