Making a Will

WillYour will lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after you die.


This is very important to your loved ones and it can ensure you don’t pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to.


You can write your will, it does not have to be drawn up by a solicitor, but you should get legal advice if there is any complexity*.


Also you can ask for help from Citizens Advice to make sure your will is clear and they can offer confirmation that it’ll be interpreted as you intended.


You’ll need to get your will formally witnessed and signed to make it legally valid. For any subsequent changes, you’ll need to make a codicil to the will (an official alteration which also has to be formally witnessed and signed). The alternative would be to make a new will.


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Good sources of reference about making a will:

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* complexity for example you have children from a previous marriage, a business or property assets abroad.



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