Nationwide Flex account

Free annual travel insurance and no charges for spending abroad

Nationwide Flex accountWith current accounts continuing to pay very little interest, there’s a risk that our deposits will reduce in value once inflation is taken into account. With that in mind, GrownUpMoney has been scouring the market for current accounts that offer better deals for the over 50s. If you travel abroad, or plan to do so in the future, you might find that the Nationwide Flex account is a particularly attractive package. It’s worth your attention for the benefits we explore below:

Benefits of the Nationwide Flex account offer:

1 It includes a free annual European travel insurance policy for all account holders up to the age of 75. The travel policy is rated 5 stars by Defaqto. This is an excellent benefit for holidaymakers, and cover can be upgraded to worldwide travel and winter sports for the adventurous among us.  This free travel policy is a huge plus, as we all know how expensive travel insurance can get.
2 It comes with a useful Nationwide Select credit card which includes the following: free overseas spending when you use the card (this is probably the cheapest way to spend abroad, just ensure your balance is paid back in full, which can easily be done with a direct debit. NB there is a charge for withdrawing cash from ATMs abroad).
Highlights – free travel insurance


  • FREE annual cover
  • Available up to age 75
  • 5 star Defaqto rated



Highlights – Credit card


  • NO CHARGES for spending on card abroad
  • 0.5% cashback on all sterling purchases
  • 0% on purchases for 12 months
  • 0% on balance transfers for 24 months

Look out for:

As with many current accounts these days there’s no in-credit interest paid, but at the same time there is no monthly fee charged for the account. For those of you looking to boost your nest egg, see our ISAs, savings and investment sections.


If you just want the credit card for cheap holiday spending without the bank account, you can apply for it separately.

How to apply:

It’s easy to apply and switch to the Nationwide Flex account – your current bank will be used to arranging switches. Visit Nationwide’s website where the steps are clearly laid out (there’s a 10 minute online application), and you have the option to call them. They will handle the transfer of any regular payments from your old bank to make sure the hard work is done for you.



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